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Why You Need a Professional for a Moldy Basement in Columbia MD 21045

The U.S EPA says that over 69% of the air you breathe in your house comes from your basement. Maybe that doesn’t jolt you, but now consider a study by the Basement Health Association (BHA) that indicates that over 60% of homes over 15 years are affected by mold growth in the basement. Understanding Mold…

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Turn Your Basement into a Living Space with Basement Waterproofing in Waldorf MD 20603

It is not uncommon for homeowners to let their basement become a makeshift storage unit, and even then, when the basement is not completely waterproof, the space does not provide reliable storage. Turning it into a living space, whether you decide to transition this into a basement rental home, an entertainment area, or a place…

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Why Everyone Should Have a Battery Backup Sump Pump in Germantown MD 20874

With the increase in natural disasters and instances of flooding, many homeowners are investing in sump pumps for their basements and crawl spaces. This ensures that pumping out of excess water is made easy and thus reduction of damage. However, many homeowners are investing in primary or AC powered sump pumps. This is good. However,…

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