Why You Need a Professional for a Moldy Basement in Columbia MD 21045

moldy-basement-in-columbia-md-21045 The U.S EPA says that over 69% of the air you breathe in your house comes from your basement. Maybe that doesn’t jolt you, but now consider a study by the Basement Health Association (BHA) that indicates that over 60% of homes over 15 years are affected by mold growth in the basement.

Understanding Mold Growth

Well, if that hasn’t made you sit up, it is time to give you some facts about the risks your moldy basement in Columbia MD 21045 poses to your lovely family. One of the greatest misconceptions that homeowners have is that mold growth only happens outdoors.

The U.S EPA says that a typical mold spore can grow anywhere as long as there is sufficient warmth, humidity and food, and a leaking basement is the ideal habitat. The problem then lies in first getting rid of moisture in your basement before mold remediation takes place.

Health Risks around Toxic Mold

If you have noted your bundles of joy are incessantly unwell, then your basement could be contributing to this. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 56% of hospital visits among kids below 12 years are caused by secondary toxic metabolites produced by mold.

The fact that even non-toxic species produce allergic reactions compromises your family’s health. With the American Lung Association (ALA) saying that over 50% of homes have at least one person suffering from respiratory distress, it is obvious that a moldy basement must not be tolerated.

Toxic mold is associated with problem such as chronic fatigue, sneezing, coughing, respiratory distress, allergies, sinus congestion, restlessness and many other health complications.

Professional Treatment for a Moldy Basement in Columbia MD 21045

First things first; mold removal should only be done by a professional. While many people will tell you to rush to a store and start bleaching out moldy surfaces, the risks involved are not worth it. This is not your ordinary DIY procedure because a professional contractor does it better in all aspects.

Consider this:

  1. Equipment and products: How well do you know to test for mold and diagnose its infestation? Well, a contractor has all the equipment to test and identify affected places.
  2. Experience and exposure: These experts know what to do without damaging your home. More importantly, their experience makes the process more effective and your home will be habitable in no time.
  3. Safety considerations: There are multiple health risks involved due to exposure to mold and even toxic products sold in stores for mold removal. These experts have the right safety gear to carry out the process and restore your basement to its former glory.

Simply put, the benefits of using an expert to restore your moldy basement in Columbia MD 21045 far outweigh the risks of a DIY project. Whatever you do, never ignore this lurking danger, and the sooner you deal with it, the better.