Why do I need ventilation?

As changing technology improves the methods and materials involved in residential building, studies indicate the need for an effective home ventilation system. New homes are currently being built to be more energy efficient by sealing them up tightly from the elements outside. This process is also being retrofitted for use in older homes. The downside of all this is that homes can no longer “breathe” in a manner that allows stale, damp, contaminated air out and a good supply of fresh air in. This lack of airflow affects the value of the home and is now being linked to severe health issues.

How does the EZ Breathe® work?

With the installation of an EZ Breathe® ventilation unit, proper airflow can be established in your home making the air cleaner, healthier, and much more comfortable to breathe. The EZ Breathe® ventilation unit helps remove stale, damp, contaminated air from your home. Because moist, impure air is heavier than clean dry air, it will naturally sink to the lowest places in your home. By placing the EZ Breathe® unit in the lowest point of the home, it is able to capture this humid, damp air and eject it directly outside. This creates a circulation effect within all floors of the home. Whether you have a basement, crawlspace, or slab foundation the EZ Breathe® ventilation unit will work for you.

Why an EZ Breathe® instead of a dehumidifier or air purifiers?

The EZ Breathe® is a single unit, entire home solution. To get the same effect you get with just one EZ Breathe®, you would need a dehumidifier and an air purifier in every room of your home. For the average seven room home that’s seven dehumidifiers and seven air purifiers to do the job of one EZ Breathe®! Obviously purchasing and operating that many units would not be a practical option.

Will the EZ Breathe® work in my crawlspace?

Absolutely. A 2005 study found that the majority of homes with crawl spaces experience excess humidity in the air due to ground saturation. This moist, damp air can buckle hardwood floors, create fertile ground for mold growth (an asthma trigger), attract pests, termites, and can even cost more in terms of energy consumption. According to one recent study, crawl spaces containing ground-level vents are “moisture traps”. The EZ Breathe® provides constant air circulation and by drawing conditioned air into the crawlspace, while powerfully expelling moisture and humidity.

Does the EZ Breathe® run all year?

The fan is controlled by a sensor that detects relative humidity in the room. If the humidity becomes higher than the current fan setting, the fan will automatically adjust itself to lower the humidity to the desired level. Alternatively, when the relative humidity in the room is decreased to the desired level, the unit shuts the fan off automatically to save power.

What happens to the water?

Traditional dehumidifiers trap water inside the unit, requiring constant monitoring and emptying of the catch tray. The EZ Breathe® system expels moist air directly outside, thus eliminating the need for a filter or catch tray.

Will it increase my heating/cooling bills?

The affect on your climate control bill is very minimal. Once installed, the EZ Breathe® moves the moist air out, decreasing overall relative humidity. Since dry air is easier to heat than damp air, your heating system does not work as hard to maintain the desired temperature.

Where is the EZ Breathe® installed?

The EZ Breathe® is placed at the lowest level of the home on an interior wall. With the unit’s finished appearance and whisper quiet fan, it can be placed in any room.