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New Years Basement Resolutions

Happy New Year!  This time of year we get a fresh new start.  As the calendar rolls over to a new year, we get a chance to look at ourselves, our lives, our families and our homes. It is a time to make goals, to change, make anew and resolve to ultimately live a little…

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Non-Structural vs Structural Crack Repair Baltimore

Repairing a non-structural foundation crack is pretty easy and relatively inexpensive but requires the services of a waterproofing professional/company. The technician cleans out the crack and inserts a number of plastic injection ports along its length. He then applies a surface coat of fast-drying epoxy to cover the crack and hold the ports in place….

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Tips On Purchasing A Battery Backup In Baltimore

1. Pumping Capacity / Output If all you needed was to choose a cast iron sump with an AGM battery, all would be easy.  You also need to get the right size pump!  Too often we will look inside a sump pit, and find that the backup pump only has about half the pumping capacity as…

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