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Using Carbon Fiber To Repair Basement Wall Cracks Beltsville, MD

Using Carbon Fiber To Repair Basement Wall Cracks Beltsville, MD

Basement walls are frequently exposed to water from the ground that surrounds them. The water could be due to surface runoff, poorly positioned downspouts and gutters, or plumbing leaks among other causes. When the soil that surrounds the basement’s walls becomes saturated with water, this increases the hydrostatic pressure that the soil exerts on the walls. Basement Wall Cracks | Beltsville, MD |  AquaGuard Waterproofing

Too much hydrostatic pressure can lead to basement and foundation issues such as wall bowing and cracking. Cracks on the basement walls are a major concern since they cause water to seep into the basement and lead to notable foundation problems.

Although there are many ways of repairing basement wall cracks, the use of carbon fiber stands out as a reliable and lasting solution. Here are some reasons why carbon fiber is best suited for repairing basement wall cracks.

Outstanding tensile strength and stiffness

Carbon fiber is very strong. It is 5 times stronger than steel and two times as stiff. Carbon fiber is made of many carbon strands arranged in a parallel manner, which gives the final material very high tensile strength. This strength is very necessary because once applied on basement wall cracks, carbon fiber will not extend or pull apart. So the cracks can no longer expand.

It can be used on many types of foundations and walls

You can use carbon fiber to repair basement walls, retaining walls, brick walls, poured concrete, foundation walls, crawlspace walls and many more structures.

It is highly versatile

Carbon fiber can be used to repair virtually all types of cracks that are up to 2 inches wide and other structural issues. For example, Stabl-Wall, which is a carbon fiber product, is used to repair basement wall bowing and shifting, horizontal cracking, frost line cracks, moving walls, stair step cracks, and vertical cracks among other issues. Basement Wall Cracks | Beltsville, MD |  AquaGuard Waterproofing

The final repair work has a good finish

The carbon fiber sheets that are used to repair basement wall cracks are very narrow and lightweight. Therefore, they are almost invisible. This means that carbon fiber leaves a good finish once the repair has been done. You can also paint carbon fiber, panel it or install drywall over it.

You get value for your money

Carbon fiber is highly durable. Hence, when you use it to repair basement wall cracks, you will get value for your money. It is also easy to install and maintenance-free, which helps you to make significant savings. 

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