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Should You Be Concerned about Cracks in Basement Drywall? Beltsville, MD

Should You Be Concerned about Cracks in Basement Drywall? Beltsville, MD


Does your basement drywall have cracks? Cracks in the drywall of a finished basement can be a source of concern. They can be a cosmetic problem or a symptom of a much deeper structural problem. It is therefore important to find out what is causing the cracks in your drywall and apply the best solution.

Reasons for drywall cracks

There are a wide variety of reasons why drywall in a finished basement may crack. The following are some of the most common causes. Foundation Repair | Beltsville, MD | AquaGuard Waterproofing

  1. Poor installation

One of the most common reasons why drywall cracks is because it was not installed properly. Drywall can crack if the seams were not taped properly. The cracks in this instance are often a straight line where the seams originally met.

Repairing this issue often requires taking down the drywall and replacing it. Be sure to hire a professional to install the drywall properly and avoid a similar problem in future.

  1. Drying out of the wood frame

If the wood that was used to build the frame onto which the drywall has been installed was not dried properly prior to using it, it will warp and bend as it continues to lose moisture over time. This will put pressure on the drywall and it to cause crack.

Repairing this will involve replacing the wooden frame and the cracked drywall.

  1. High humidity levels

High humidity levels in the basement can also result in drywall cracks. You may notice discolorations around cracks which is a clear indication of high moisture levels.

Humidity in the basement is often an indication of a foundation problem. You will need to have your basement inspected by a foundation repair contractor. You may have a cracked foundation wall that is allowing moisture into the basement.

  1. Foundation movement

Drywall cracks can result from the movement of the foundation. The foundation walls may shift as a result of the natural settling of the home or as a result of external pressure exerted by the soil surrounding the foundation. In such cases, there is a good chance that removing the drywall will reveal cracks in your foundation.

Repairing these cracks requires professional foundation repair services. You will need to apply a comprehensive solution that addresses the underlying cause of the foundation movement as well as reinforcing the basement walls and preventing further movement.

Drywall cracks aren’t always just aesthetic. They could be an indication of a more serious problem. Be sure to have your basement inspected to rule out any serious issues.

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