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Foundation Repair – A Guide to Inspecting Your Home Beltsville, Maryland

If you’ve noticed cracks in your foundation walls, you’ll probably need to invest in foundation repair. One of the first steps to ensuring that you use the right method of repair is to inspect your property. A visual inspection of your home will help you determine the root cause of the damage and ensure that you use solutions that will prevent further damage to your foundation.

The following are the basic ways to inspect your home for foundation repair. Foundation Repair | Beltsville, Maryland | AquaGuard Waterproofing

  1. Examine the walls of the foundation

Examining the cracks on the foundation wall can help you determine the root cause of the damage. Are the cracks horizontal or diagonal? Are they large? Where on the wall are they located? Are the cracks wet or dry?

Examine both the interior and exterior surface of the foundation wall. Don’t limit your inspection to the wall with the obvious cracks. Inspect all your walls for any signs of foundation damage.

  1. Inspect the ground around the foundation of your home

Check the ground around your home to see the direction in which it slopes. Water flows in the direction of least resistance. If the soil around your foundation slopes towards the home, water from melted snow or rain will flow toward your foundation. This will result in water collecting around the foundation walls, causing an increase in hydrostatic pressure. This will result in the bowing of the foundation walls and formation of cracks.

  1. Check your chimney

Be sure to check your chimney for tilting. A tilting chimney is often one of the first signs of a major issue with the foundation. You may also notice cracks on the chimney.

  1. Test your windows and doors

Are your windows and doors closing smoothly? Do they stick when closing or opening? Are you unable to close them anymore? Do your doors keep opening even after you’ve closed them? This could be an indication of movement of your foundation.

  1. Look for roots of shrubs or trees

How close are trees and shrubs to your foundation? Root systems can cause damage to the foundation. It is important to ensure that the roots of shrubs and trees do not interfere with the foundation or the soil around the foundation. This may mean getting rid of shrubs and trees that are growing too close to the foundation.

If you’ve inspected your home and identified areas that need attention, get in touch with a foundation repair professional for assistance.

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