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Facts You Need to Know About Elevator Waterproofing

Elevator Waterproofing Water leakages are common in exposed parts of commercial buildings. It is therefore not uncommon for building managers to request assistance to waterproof these places. However, some vulnerable areas in commercial buildings are often overlooked. One such area is the elevator pit. If you haven’t invested in elevator waterproofing for your commercial building…

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Reasons to Choose the FIT PIT Elevator Waterproofing System

Elevator Waterproofing Elevator pits are one of those areas in buildings that you never think about. At least not until there’s a problem. By this time, fixing the issue can be very expensive and inconveniencing. One of the most common issues involving elevator pits is water infiltration. Water can find its way into an elevator…

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Why Elevator Waterproofing is Crucial for Every Building

Elevator Waterproofing If you have an elevator in your building, it is crucially important that you have an elevator waterproofing system in place. Although it might not always seem like a necessity, dealing with water damage in an elevator system is dangerous and expensive for any building owner to deal with. By taking preventative measures…

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Causes of Elevator Pit Leaking

When water gets to a place where it is not intended or needed, damage occurs. When it comes to buildings, this damage can be very costly. Therefore, it is always important to make sure that water stays only where it is needed and out of where it is not. When putting up a building and…

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