Reasons to Choose the FIT PIT Elevator Waterproofing System

elevator waterproofing Elevator Waterproofing

Elevator pits are one of those areas in buildings that you never think about. At least not until there’s a problem. By this time, fixing the issue can be very expensive and inconveniencing.

One of the most common issues involving elevator pits is water infiltration. Water can find its way into an elevator pit when it seeps through the floor or walls of the pit. This often occurs in buildings that have water seepage issues in their foundations. It is common in areas with high water tables, poor grading of the surrounding landscape or poor drainage in the surrounding soil.

When water finds its way into an elevator pit, the results can be disastrous. The water can cause damage to the electronic components within the elevator pit. They can also result in the growth of mold and the rusting of metal parts within the elevator pit. These and many issues can result in great risks in using the elevator.

The FIT PIT System

Elevator waterproofing is therefore not a choice, it is a necessity for any building with an elevator. However, not all waterproofing systems are created the same. The FIT PIT system is proving to be one of the most effective systems available in the industry and for good reason.

  • It works to relieve water pressure within the elevator pit

The FIT PIT system is designed to provide relief for building water pressure. A drain tile system is installed within the elevator pit enclosure. This guides water away from the walls and floor of the pit and into a collection well in the lowest part of the pit. The water levels in the well are monitored by a pressure sensor. The water is pumped out of the well when it accumulates to a predetermined level.

  • Long term fix to keeping water out

Many commercial building managers opt for sealants to keep water out of the elevator pit. This however, is only a temporary fix. FIT PIT offers a long term solution to water seepage issues in elevator pits.

  • It is code compliant

It is important for building managers to ensure that any system they install is up to code. The FIT PIT system meets the requirements of building and safety codes. It can be adopted to meet the needs and requirements of different elevators.

If you want a long term solution to your elevator pit woes, there is no better solution than the FIT PIT. Contact a professional waterproofing contractor for more information.