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Installing Egress Windows: Why You Should Work With a Certified Contractor Beltsville, Maryland

What is an egress window and what role does it play?

An egress window is an emergency escape window that is placed in the basement of a home. The window is placed in a strategic position so that it can be effectively used by the occupants of a building to escape safely in the event that there is a tragedy such as a fire. The egress window can also be used by safety personnel to access a building and help the building’s occupants during an emergency.

In addition to acting as an escape route, egress windows also serve the roles that ordinary windows play on a house. Such roles include enabling natural ventilation and letting in natural light.

Why you should work with a certified contractor for egress window design and installation Egress Windows | Beltsville, Maryland | AquaGuard Waterproofing

Given the important role that egress windows play in a house, it is important to let a certified contractor install the windows on your house. This means that you should engage an established construction company right from the design stage to the fitting stage to ensure that the house design includes a functional and effective egress window.

Also, if you are remodeling your house to incorporate an egress window, it is important that you work with a competent contractor. Below are some reasons why it is important to work with a professional contractor when doing egress window design and installation work.

Certified contractors understand the building code: Installation of an egress window on your house is a requirement of the building code. Hence, it is important to work with certified technicians because such people understand where to place the egress window, the number of egress windows that your home requires, and how effective the egress window will be.

Certified contractors understand the specifications of egress windows: An egress window is not just an ordinary opening on a building. There are recommended specifications that building contractors must adhere to when installing egress windows. In addition to placing the egress window in a strategic location on a building, the contractor must also ensure that the window is of the right size in terms of minimum area, width and height as well as maximum sill height.

The bottom line is to ensure that the window is large enough to be used as an escape route and also provides the other benefits that have been mentioned above.

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