How to Find the Best Basement Waterproof Contractor in Baltimore

basement-waterproof-contractor-in-baltimore There are a lot of dishonest waterproofing contractors out there. Scam artists, crooked waterproofing contractors, or guys who just don’t know what they are doing and leaves you with the same problem. It seems to be easy to find a bad waterproofing contractor. But, how can you find the best waterproofing contractor?

Biggest isn’t always the best

Finding the best basement waterproof contractor comes down to finding the honest one. Remember, sometimes it isn’t the biggest company with the strongest sales pitch that is the best or even the most honest. Sometimes the best waterproof contractor is the little guy who has been in the industry for generations. Typically, they are running their great-grandfather’s business and have a legacy to maintain. Some of the best waterproofing contractors have small and honest companies where the owner is still heavily involved in the day-to-day business. They are good at what they do and love working in the field so growing the business into a huge corporation is many times not the goal. They want to produce honest, good work that they can be proud of. Usually, these types of waterproofing companies are family-owned and operated. They pride themselves in the business and know the waterproofing industry inside and out. They are not high pressure sales people. They tend to do inspections and estimates for free and look at the problem with an honest eye. They tell you what is wrong and what they can do to help then leave it up to you. Don’t discount the smaller waterproofing company just because they are small because just might be the better choice.

Reference speak louder than sales pitches

Another way to find the best waterproof contractor is reviewing references. Look into online testimonials and reviews of the company to find out experiences that other people have had with these companies. Also, ask the contractor for references of past work. If they aren’t willing to give you a list of happy customers than maybe they don’t have them. The best contractors will happily hand over a long list of references.

Ask your family and friends and social media

Word of mouth is still the best way to find the best and worst contractors. Ask around and see who people have used and what their experience was. Reach out to friends, family and neighbors. Most likely a friend of a friend had a good or bad experience with a waterproof contractor in the area. They can give you an honest referral. Social media is another quick way to find good contractors to call. It is the same idea as asking your friends and neighbors but is streamlined online. Plus, if you ask the internet, it is likely someone else has asked that same question in the past and there is already a forum online where strangers have already given their opinions. Online forums and customer review websites are good sources but take some of them with a grain of salt. If a company has 20 good reviews and one bad one, that one bad review may be just from a perpetual complainer. There are those few customers that cannot be pleased no matter what. Even if it is the best company around, it won’t matter, a perpetual complainer will find something bad to say. However, if there are 20 bad reviews, the bad reviews may have some validity.

Research for yourself

When you are researching a company, make sure it is licensed and bonded. Make sure that they have certifications and education. The waterproofing industry is self-certified meaning there isn’t a governing body certifying them; however, the best waterproof companies go above and beyond to try and educate themselves. They take extra training courses. They take certification courses from associations and product manufacturers. They are active in the industry. Look for clues that they are just skating by. You want the contractor who is involved and active in the industry as a whole. Association websites will list their members and you can see their involvement. Those companies are the ones who care to put a little more effort into their business. Do your own homework to make sure they are who they say they are. These clues will help you find the best waterproof contractor in your area.