Reputable Basement Sealing Contractors in DC

basement-sealing-contractor The basement waterproofing industry has had somewhat of a rough history. Back 20 years ago it was riddled with fly-by-night contractors with faulty warranties and faulty solutions. Today it is much easier to find a reputable basement sealing contractor in DC.

Licensing, Insurance and Warranties

When you are shopping for contractors make sure your prospects and fully licensed and insured. Most waterproofing contractors are licensed as remodeling contractors. Ask for their state contractor license. This will make sure they are legit. When it comes to warranties, you should look for fully transferrable warranties. If you were to move, you want the basement waterproofing job to be under warranty for the buyers.

Service Options

Make sure you understand the service options available to fix the basement problem. There is not just one solution that fits all basement problems. You may be able to fix your basement using either interior or exterior waterproofing, or you may need to have a sump pump installed. When you choose a contractor with a full range of service options, you will know that the problem is solved using the perfect solution.

Portfolio of Experience

A reputable basement waterproofing contractor should have experience with your type of problem. Look at their years of experience and the history of the company. They should be able to understand the different aspects of the basement issues from mold to structural repair issues and offer options on how to fix it completely. Reputable contractors offer a range of solutions and offer a four-wall solution to fully waterproof the basement to prevent future issues.

A List of Referrals

Ask for referrals of past customers. This should give you an idea of how the contractor worked. Are they clean? Do they have good communication? Did they work with integrity? Are they honest? Did they solve the problem? Talking with past customers is a great way to get a feel for the contractor and his reputation.

Contractor’s Reputation and Involvement

You can tell if a contractor is reputable by his involvement with the community, associations and business groups. Look for contractors with good standings from third parties like the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List. Involvement in associations shows they take their business seriously and are involved members of their industry. Certifications and awards from third party groups is another way to gauge involvement.