Foundation Repair in Baltimore Done Right

foundation-repair-in-baltimore Are you experiencing problems with your foundation? Do you have cracks that are wider than ¼ of an inch? Do you have cracks in the bricks or block work? It is important that you get a professional in as soon as possible to examine the foundations of your home and ensure that they are repaired.

Causes of damage to foundations

The most prevalent cause of foundation damage is water. When water accumulates in the soil that surrounds the foundation, it causes it to expand. This places a lot more pressure on the walls and the footings of the foundation. Cracks then begin to appear.

A good place to start in the diagnosis of the problem with your foundation would be to check the gutters as well as the downspout drains. Ensure that they are working properly. You should also check the soil near the foundation. Ensure that it is graded properly. It should have a gradual slope of not less than six inches for every ten horizontal feet.

Check to see if the foundation has a French drain. This is a drainage system that channels away water from your foundation. This drain may be blocked leading to the accumulation of water around the foundations.

Uneven foundations

Foundations with severe cracks or that are bowed or tipped will require reinforcement. This will prevent them from deteriorating further. Do not attempt to do this on your own. Remember that this is the foundation to your home. You should therefore ensure that it is strong and safe. Contact foundation repair in Baltimore contractors to inspect your foundations and help you with the repairs.

Uneven foundations can often be repaired from inside. Experts can determine the amount and type of reinforcement required for the walls. A common solution is to place braces made from wood or steel against the wall. New mesh made from carbon-fiber or wall anchors may also be used along the wall.

One of the latest and cheapest solutions is to use vertical epoxy strips that are pressed against the carbon fiber mesh. These will help in locking the wall in its place.

Partially washed out foundation

If there has been severe leakage from your drainage system or a broken pipe that has resulted in water accumulating along the perimeter of your foundation, your foundation maybe undermined. Be sure to contact a professional contractor as soon as possible to help in shoring up the area around the foundation with more concrete. If the area is uneven they may choose to shim the sill plate.