What Our Customers Say…



Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated the actions taken by JR Trundle, who visited our home tonight due to the emergency after hours call I made to Aqua Guard. As it turned out, the problem was an inside water issue which was totally unrelated to the work being done by your company.

Even with this being the case, JR stayed to assist me with pinpointing the issue, and he didn’t leave my home until he was sure that I had formulated a plan of action to get things resolved.

Needless to say, JR took a special interest our concerns, and he even dropped whatever he was doing, and without hesitation came out immediately to see what he could do to put us at ease. JR represented himself and his company in an exemplary fashion, and he is to be commended.

I wish to thank Aqua Guard for allowing JR to be a part of our lives. We will be forever grateful for the level of dedication and commitment shown on his behalf. He truly rose above and beyond the call of duty to assist a
client in need.”
-Dennis James, Columbia, MD


“I am writing to commend AquaGuard for doing an outstanding job with installing a sump pump and waterproofing my basement. Your entire team was prompt, courteous, mindful, enthusiastic and professional. They arrived on schedule, added a layer of protection from dust around my possessions, cleaned up the site afterwards and finished ahead of schedule.

All of this is the result of John Riley, who intervened after I had a bad experience with a your original sales representative. After my first encounter, I was very turned off and indicated such in a follow-up phone survey that I received from AquaGuard. In fact, I was preparing to enter a contract with another vendor when Mr. Riley responded to my feedback with a call. He convinced me to allow him to visit my home and assess the situation. During my visit, Mr. Riley assured me that your company was the best and that the situation would be resolved to my fullest satisfaction. I was very impressed by his overall knowledge, familiarity with homes built in the D.C. area and some of the unique challenges many homeowners face given the fact that D.C. used to be a swamp. I also appreciated his flexibility and willingness to accommodate my schedule. Mr. Riley left with a signed contract and check.

I have owned 3 homes and am very familiar with wet basements, sump pumps, roof repair, renovation, landscaping, etc. Over the course of 25 years, I have worked with many contractors, companies and individuals. And I have learned how to conduct thorough background research, seek advice and educate myself about home-related situations prior to contacting a potential company. So when a sales representative visits me, I am not interested in scare tactics slanderous information about the competition or exaggerated/unrealistic estimates. I want to know why their company is the best and details about such things as the materials and equipment being used, warranties, references, the timeframe, clean-up and follow-up. Above all, I appreciate individuals who are courteous, good listeners, analytical and flexible. That’s the person who seals the deal.

Again thank you for fixing my basement. I am confident that if I experience any problems down the road, I will receive the same top notch service. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me directly at 202-256-1312. Again congratulations on having another satisfied customer.”
-Dr Delisa Saunders, D.C.


“It is with pleasure that I write this letter regarding the experience I have had with your company. I am so delighted with you and your crew of workers who did the work on my battery back-up sump pump system. The work was done neatly, thoroughly, and accurately. The workers were polite, knowledgeable and neat in their cleanup. I cannot say enough good about my experience with you, Tim and his helpers. They are top drawer all the way.

Thank you for all your efforts, I am a completely satisfied customer. I will be dealing with you in any future waterproofing requirements I may have, including when I move to a new home in the near future.”
-G. Costolo

“Dear John,

The purpose of this letter is to let you know how very fortunate you and Aquaguard are to have Dan on your staff and part of your company. Before, during and after a major waterproofing job we had done at our business, Dan was so extremely attentive, responsive, and conscientious. Dan’s workmanship and follow through with every detail of this job are commendable. I wish everyone in this world had the same high quality work ethic. The world would be a much better place. Dan made himself available to meet our schedule and time frame, coordinate with our specific needs, and he was very sensitive to the day to day functioning of [my workplace]. We have had no water problems since this job was completed, and this has been a very long term chronic problem. I cannot thank him enough for all of his efforts and wonderful attitude.”
-C. Key, Kensington

“Dear John,

I can’t thank Dan and the entire crew enough for a job well done. My basement and garage were a real challenge and they worked very hard for two days. The end result is fabulous! I can see and smell the difference already. I can rest easy with winter around the corner knowing there will be no wet basement and inevitable structure damage.

My neighbors were very impressed and said they had never seen a crew work so diligently and skillfully to get a job done.

Please feel free to use my name as a reference to any potential customers thinking about this service. Thanks again to you and everyone involved with the job. I only wish I could have done this sooner!”
-K. Kelly, Beltsville

“This is to say thank you for a job well done. After years of putting off having my basement office waterproofed, I finally had your company out this winter. The true test has been the spring thunderstorms we’ve been getting.

After the first thunderstorms this Spring, I check my office and it was dry! Now, when I hear the crack of thunder I no longer dread going downstairs to find water on my floor. I can rest assured of my office being dry. I wish I had done this years ago!

The work your crew did has fixed my problem. And by the way, they got the job done quickly, neatly and professionally. I would be happy to recommend your service to anyone wishing to fix a wet basement.”
-J. Rains, Bethesda

“We wish to acknowledge the fine work you did for us in installing a sump pump in our basement. The quality of your workmanship and the people who you employ are first class. We appreciate your exemplary work.”
-L.Mechner, Rockville

“Accolades for a Job Well Done! About a month ago I had an estimator from AquaGuard come out to my house to give an estimate to repair a leak that was occurring every time it rained hard. The estimator was knowledgeable, honest, and upfront about the repairs that were needed and the costs (i.e. no hidden costs!)

About two weeks ago, the AquaGuard crew came out to my home to complete the work. The crew was courteous and did an excellent job! The foreman was proactive in coming up with a solution to connect the drainage pipe from the pump to an outflow pipe in the basement that came from the sinks in the home. This negated the need to drill an extra hole in the wall to drain water from the pump to the outside of the house.

My in-laws have been experiencing trouble with the basement in their townhome. They have already spent significant funds trying to get the repairs made. I will definitely recommend that they use AquaGuard!

Note: Please share this letter withe the individual who did the initial inspection and the work crew team!”
-A.Armstrong, Silver Spring

“The basement is perfect! The crew worked diligently and wasted no time. Installation went beautifully and timing could not have been better. The day after completion severe rains hit and our home stayed dry! We are thrilled with the quality workmanship.”
—S.Kaplan, Potomac

“Marvelous job! Haven’t seen a drop of water since.”
—P.Gost, Germantown

“AquaGuard not only satisfied, but exceeded my expectations.”
—J. Kearney, Beltsville

“From the estimate to the installation everything was done thoroughly and with high quality.”
—J.Hughes, University Park

“I chose AquaGuard because the staff is efficient, pleasant and most of all exceptional as a team. Thanks for the impressive job.”
—M.Berger, Seabrook

“Quick turnaround, excellent solution, and thorough clean up!”
—P.McClanahan, Bethesda

“AquaGuard came highly recommended and offered the best system for our needs. Thank you.”
—J.Weinstock, Baltimore

“Immediately I was very impressed and knew AquaGuard was right for my basement needs. Thank you for a super job.”
—F.Dolan, Columbia

“We were pleased to be working with a team of hard-working, respectful and courteous employees. We commend you all on an excellent job.”
—C.Mastisumoto, Baltimore

“From start to finish, AquaGuard’s team was efficient, courteous and delivered a quality result.”
—M.Pilot, Arlington

“I cannot express the relief I feel knowing I no longer need to fear heavy rains.”
—M.Davis, Alexandria

“AquaGuard’s team was very nice and thorough while performing a job well done. I am grateful for their professionalism and efficiency.”
—D.Davidson, Springfield

“Impressive professionalism that far surpasses industry standards.”
—P.Starbuck, NW Washington, DC

“I can recommend your company with complete confidence. Thank you for a job well done!”
—T.Rhodes, NE Washington, DC

“I am quite pleased the job was done right the first time and I can now enjoy my basement worry free.”
—D.Wilde, NW Washington, DC

“Our recent weather conditions have proved a job very well done. Thank you AquaGuard!”
—I.Payne, SE Washington, DC

“Based on their professionalism, turn-around time, price and availability AquaGuard was my number one choice!”
—S.Winston, NW Washington, DC

“AquaGuard performed an outstanding job with exceptional results.”
—D. Eney, Hyattsville

“Thanks to AquaGuard I am confident this is the end of our water problems.”
—H. Fineran, Cheverly

“It was nice to invest in a company with exceptional and able employees. From the evaluation & credentials to the finished project we are certain we received a quality job. Impressive!”
—J.Rausch, Rockville

“Impressed with crews fast pace and cleanliness. Since the work the basement is dry even with heavy rains.”
—B.Besmen, Silver Spring

“Impressive quality and integrity from start to finish.”
—B. Dillon, Takoma Park

“I’m delighted with the service AquaGuard has provided. With all this rain, my basement is bone dry.”
—T.Hastings, Vienna

“The entire AquaGuard team was polite, hard-working and knowledgeable. Other companies are at a loss because they lack staff like yours. Thanks for a great job!”
—D.Salamac, Great Falls

“We are very pleased with the work and we are confident AquaGuard has solved our basement water problems.”
—L.Sabbath, Fairfax

“AquaGuard was very prompt in performing the inspection and the overall courteousness and professionalism was great and well appreciated.”
—C.Burroughs, New Carrollton

“We have had no water problems since this job was completed, and this had been a very long-term chronic problem. I cannot thank AquaGuard enough for the staff and crews efforts and wonderful attitude.”
—Ms. C. Key, Administration Manager Washington Telephone Federal Credit Union

“I want to express my deepest appreciation and admiration for the job done at the church parsonage…Thank you AquaGuard for the expert job they accomplished around the parsonage of the Bowie United Methodist Church.”
—Rev. A. Strickler, Pastor Bowie United Methodist Church

“Your crew arrived on time and covered everything to keep the hall clean of dust. I was impressed with the way they went about their work.”
—Mr.F.Marchone, President Knight of Columbus — Council 2169, Silver Spring, MD

“We wanted to thank you for an outstanding job done at our property! We were thoroughly impressed with your work crews who showed up early in the morning everyday until the job was done.”
—Mrs. M. La Vorgna, Property Manager Chesapeake Commons Apartment Complex

“AquaGuard Waterproofing Corporation, we have not received or closed any valid complaints on this firm in the last two fiscal years.”
—Branch Chief, Fairfax County, VA Consumer Protection Division

“Our records indicate that no complaints have been filed to date against AquaGuard Waterproofing Corporation with this office.”
—Consumer Affairs Administrator, City of Alexandria, VA