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Egress Window Installation Doesn’t Have to Start from Scratch

Egress Window Installation

Many basements in older homes don’t have an egress window. However, they do have some kind of opening that allows both air and light into the basement. You may therefore be thinking of having an egress window installed.

Your choice to invest in egress window installation may be guided by building code requirements or a desire to improve the basement space and convert it into a living space. Whatever your motivation is, you will need the assistance of a professional contractor.

Why You Shouldn’t Start From Scratch

One of the most common tips from professional installation contractors is not to start from scratch if there already is an opening in the basement wall. Many contractors will advise you to use this opening instead of starting from scratch for the following reasons:

  1. Saves on labor

You can save time and money by using the existing space to have your new egress window installed. This is because cutting the wall to make room for the window is often the hardest part of egress window installation. If you already have a space in the basement wall, much of the work has already been done for you. You’ll only need to enlarge the hole by a few inches if any to meet building code standards.

  1. Enlarging windows is a better option

If you already have an existing window, it is often better to enlarge the window to meet code requirements than to cut a whole new hole in the wall. This ensures that the wall’s structural integrity remains intact and you get the larger window you desire.

  1. You may still be in compliance

You may not have to do any cutting even with the old window. A popular way to ensure that you meet code requirements with a small space is by installing an in-swing egress window. These windows are practical and compliant with code requirements. They don’t require you to increase the width of small windows either.

Even having considered the above, there are still various other factors to consider. These include whether your existing window is close to a stair case or other foundation pieces. It is therefore important to have a professional inspect the existing window and determine whether you need to start the installation process from scratch or not. Be sure to have a professional guide you from the beginning of the process to prevent you from making poor decisions.