Crawlspace Waterproofing: Why You Need a Closed Drainage System – Baltimore, MD

Crawlspace Waterproofing

Do you have water in your crawl space? You’re probably considering different crawlspace waterproofing systems. The system you choose should be suited to your specific needs and preferences.

Regardless of the system you choose, it is important to ensure that a drainage system is included. This will help to drain water that collects in the crawl space even after crawlspace waterproofing.

Drawbacks of an open system

Many people opt for open systems for their crawl spaces. There are however many drawbacks to these types of systems. These include:

  1. Escape of harmful soil gases

There are various harmful gases that occur naturally in soil. These include methane and radon. Radon in particular is associated with lung cancer and various other health conditions. An open system leaves your crawl space and home exposed to these gases.

If you want to maintain a healthy home environment and prevent soil gases from making it into your home, invest in a close drainage system. These systems are designed to keep these harmful gases in the soil.

  1. Pest and insect infestations

Drainage systems offer pests and insects the perfect environment in which they can thrive. An open system will therefore encourage a pest and insect infestation.

A closed system will ensure that pests and insects are kept within the drain. You will therefore avoid having to deal with a pest or insect infestation.

  1. Increased moisture in the home

An open system means that the water within the system can evaporate into the air above the system. This means that moisture within the crawl space will increase. The moisture will in turn rise into the home above as a result of stack effect. You will therefore continue to experience moisture problems even after investing in crawl space waterproofing.

If you want to control moisture levels in your home effectively, ensure that you invest in a closed drainage system. This will keep moisture within the drainage system until it is pumped out of the crawl space.

It doesn’t matter what waterproofing system you choose to install, ensure that you find a professional contractor with experience for the installation and maintenance of the system. This will ensure that you get the best results for the long term from your investment.

Remember that waterproofing your crawl space is not a DIY job. Crawl spaces are not safe places for the inexperienced. Leave the job to the professionals for the best results and for your safety.