Basement Waterproofing: Smelly Drain Solutions – Washington, DC

You enter your basement and are hit by a horrible smell. No, this isn’t a musty smell indicating the presence of mold in the basement as would be expected in a wet basement. This is something much worse.

Odors in basements are not uncommon. However, it is important to diagnose the source of the smell. The smell could be indication of a serious problem that requires immediate attention.

Odor diagnosis:

If you’ve checked your basement for sources of the smell and are unable to spot anything above the slab, you may have to change your perspective and begin searching below the slab. Drain lines from your plumbing as well as basement waterproofing run below the basement slab. These drains may give off an odor as a result of plumbing failures.

If your sewer line is responsible for the smell, it is important to get a plumber to fix the line as soon as possible. Odors from the sewer line indicate leaking of the lines. This will result in contamination of the soil and ground water. You can prevent this by getting the problem fixed as soon as you notice it.

In other instances, the odors may be emanating from the French drain installed for basement waterproofing. If this is the case, you may want to apply the following solutions:

1. Pour some mineral oil into the floor drain
If the odor is strong and you find it disturbing, you may choose to pour some mineral oil into the drain as a temporary solution. This will trap the odors in the drain. This is not a permanent solution and will only give you temporary relief from the odor.

2. Have your drains inspected
Get in touch with a basement waterproofing professional and have your drains inspected. This will ensure that any problems with the drain are identified and repaired in good time.

3. Have a closed system installed
The best and permanent solution to the odors from the drain is to have a closed drain system installed. A closed drain system will not only protect your home from odors from the drain but also from harmful soil gases such as radon.

A covered drain system will also serve you for longer with fewer problems. The system will be free of debris. You are therefore not likely to experience problems with blocked drains.
Ensure that you choose a basement waterproofing professional who understands and is experienced in the installation of closed drains for the best results.