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Bowed Basement Walls – Columbia, MD

Wall studs give support to the structure of the basement wall. If you have bowed basement walls, you may be dealing with bowed walls studs. There are four main reasons why basement wall studs become bowed.

  1. Too much or lack of adequate moisture

Many basement walls are constructed with wooden wall studs. Wood is a natural material that changes when the moisture content within it shifts. Wooden studs will bow if they are exposed to high levels of moisture. They will also bow when they lose too much moisture to the environment. It is therefore important to ensure that the wall studs are maintained at the right moisture level.

  1. Weight of the building

Wall studs are designed to take the weight of the building above hem. However, if the design of the basement wall frame does not provide adequate support for the building above, the studs are likely to become bowed. It is therefore important to ensure that you’re using wall studs that are rated for the weight they are supporting. Don’t add an extra floor where the foundation was designed to provide support for a specific number of floors.

  1. Changes in temperature

The temperature of your home is not only important for comfort but also for its structure. When wood is exposed to warm temperatures, it expands. When the wood is exposed to cold, it will shrink. This is as a result of the water within the wood that expands and shrinks with changes in temperature.

It is important to protect the wooden studs from the temperature differences between the inside and outside of the home. You can do this by ensuring there is enough insulation on the outside of the building. This is possible by ensuring that adequate siding is installed.

  1. The use of poor construction methods

The methods applied in the construction of the home play an important role in ensuring the integrity of the structure of the home. Poor construction methods can result in bowed basement walls as the basement walls must support the entire weight of the home.

Repairing a bowed foundation wall is dangerous and complex. It is a job that requires training, skill and experience. If you have bowed basement walls, it’s important to get in touch with a professional foundation repair contractor right away. Have them provide you with a permanent solution to the repair of the bowed studs.