battery backup sump pump

Don’t Buy a Cheap Battery Backup Sump Pump in Columbia MD

Battery Backup Sump Pump in Columbia MD

You get what you pay for. That’s certainly true when it comes to sump pumps. However, many homeowners still choose to purchase a cheap battery backup sump pump.

Investing in a quality pump doesn’t necessarily mean spending lavishly. It simply means investing in a product that will serve you well in the long term. Nowhere is this more important than with sump pumps.

Cheap is Expensive

Sump pumps are key to basement waterproofing. They work by removing excess water from the basement. This ensures that the basement remains clean and dry. It prevents water damage and ensures that your home is healthy.

Many people are willing to take the time and spend a good sum on their primary sump pump. However, when it comes to purchasing a battery backup sump pump many people are more willing to compromise on quality and go instead for a cheap pump.

These people don’t consider that primary sump pumps, no matter how efficient and powerful can fail. Some common causes for sump pump failure include:

  1. Power Failure

Primary sump pumps are usually connected to the mains. This means that they will only function when the main supply of electricity is on. A power failure in the middle of a storm will therefore leave your basement vulnerable to flooding.

  1. Mechanical Problems

Sump pumps can also fail when there are mechanical problems. These may arise when parts are worn out, when lines are clogged or even poor maintenance. In many cases, this failure will be noticed when the pump fails to remove water from the basement and the basement floods. You will not only have the expense of repairing the pump to deal with but also the expense of restoring your basement after water damage.

  1. Too Much Water

Even when your primary pump is sized correctly, there may come a time when the volume of water entering the well is much more than it can handle. This can occur when there are storms or flooding. The primary sump pump may not be able to pump out the water at a rate that is high enough to avoid flooding.

In all these instances, the battery backup sump pump would take over to ensure that your basement remains dry. A cheap pump made from inexpensive parts isn’t likely to perform as well as your primary pump. Switches are likely to stick and the motor may burn out when you need your pump most. Invest in a quality battery backup sump pump from a professional contractor to ensure peace of mind.