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Rules for Sump Pump Installation in Rockville MD

Sump Pump Installation in Rockville MD

If you’re lucky, you’ve never experienced a flooded basement. Those of us who aren’t as fortunate know how traumatizing it is to find your belongings soaked and your basement flooded. It can be expensive and labor intensive to restore sanity to your home.

This is why sump pumps are so important. They help to collect and pump water away from your foundation. This ensures that your basement is never flooded. They are especially handy if you live in an area prone to flooding such as those that experience heavy rainfall or have high water tables.

Ensuring that your home doesn’t flood

If you want to ensure that your home never floods again, it’s not only important to invest in a good sump pump but also to ensure proper sump pump installation. The following are some rules to guide you:

  • Have your property inspected

Before you rush out to purchase a sump pump, ensure that your property is inspected. The inspection should include determining the level of the water table. It should also determine if there are service lines under the foundation. This will help in planning for the installation of the sump pump. It will help the contractor determine the best drain plan and location for the sump pump.

  • Read reviews on sump pumps

You also need to learn a little more about sump pumps. Read reviews on different brands and see what customers have to say about them. Having some basic information will help you avoid being sucked in by a sales pitch.

  • Choose the right sump pump

Choose a sump pump based on your needs and not only on price. Choose a sump pump that meets the capacity needs. Consider additional features such as alarm systems.

  • Invest in a backup sump pump

Your sump pump can fail as a result of anything. This failure may occur in the middle of a stormy night. The basement may flood as a result. Having a backup sump pump will help ensure this isn’t the case. The backup sump pump kicks in when the primary pump goes off or is overwhelmed by the volume of water entering the basement.

  • Leave it to the professionals

Sump pump installation is complex. There are various factors that have to be considered to ensure that the pump is properly installed and will be effective in keeping water out of your basement. Ensure that you allow a certified professional to install the pump for you. This also ensures that your warranty remains intact.

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