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How to Improve Basement Ventilation in Baltimore MD

Basement Ventilation in Baltimore MD

As you probably know, a basement is a room that is most affected by humidity and moisture. Water can cause damage to the basement even if there is no danger of flooding. The simple moisture can attack the foundation walls and cause other issues such as mold or mildew. This is why you need to have a good basement ventilation system. The only way you can keep the basement dry is by allowing the air to circulate.

EZ Breathe Ventilation

One ventilation system you should keep in mind is the EZ Breathe. This ventilator is energy efficient and it will not bring any huge bills. Because there is basically no maintenance required, you can just install it and forget about it. EZ Breathe does not have filters to change or clean. With other ventilation systems, you will not get the results you want if you forget to perform the maintenance tasks. Use a high quality ventilation system to remove moisture and contaminants.

Glass Block or Vinyl Windows

Use vinyl window vents to create glass block windows for your basement. These cost effective windows are simple to make and install. Most people don’t realize that with such a simple method they can increase the air ventilation. They can be custom made to fit any opening in the basement. Another option is to have vinyl replacement windows. The screen on these windows is easy to remove.

Exhaust Systems

With basement exhaust systems, the air becomes cleaner and the unpleasant odor is removed. These systems are also perfect for treating or preventing moisture. The moisture gets out and it is replaced by clean air.

Air Bricks

Insert air bricks in your foundation to allow the air to circulate. This can also be done if you have a brick foundation. Air bricks are special because of the small holes they have. This makes it easy for air to come in and out.

Keep a Regular Temperature

A sudden change in the temperature is another cause for moisture in the basement area. You can easily prevent this by keeping the temperature at a steady level of 60°F.

Once you take care of the moisture and improve the basement ventilation, the basement becomes an extra room you can use for anything you want. It’s a pity to have all that space without putting it to good use. A wet basement can’t even be used as storage space because all your belongings will be ruined.

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