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How Egress Windows Installation Revolutionizes Your Basement

Egress Windows

Maintaining an unfinished basement is hard and it is no wonder most homeowners neglect this living space. The maxim of out of sight, out of mind seems popular with homeowners and the deterioration of the room continues unabated. However, there is great risk involved in neglecting your basement and this is one reason builders are recommending the idea of egress windows.

If you are planning to reclaim your basement, an egress window should be at the top of your basement finishing projects. This is a window large enough for entry or exit in case of an emergency. It is a legal requirement in most states for any basement that is being used for living purposes.

If you have been wondering how to quickly add life to your basement, there are several reasons to choose this type of entry. Take a look:

  1. Safety: More people today are opting to finish their basements and turn them into usable spaces. This space can be turned into a kids’ play room, guest room, study or a games room. Whatever the use, you need an egress window to provide quick access during emergencies. This exit is crucial in case of fire accidents and other disasters.
  2. Comfort: If you are finishing the basement, go the whole hog and make it more comfortable for whoever will be using it. One way of doing this is by allowing in natural light by installing an egress window. While there are many ways to light up this space, none can compare to natural light as it gives your room a more authentic feel.
  3. Aesthetics: If you are looking for an idea that can revolutionize your home’s exterior décor, why not install an egress window? There are beautiful egress windows in the market and they come in all colors and designs to easily blend with the existing décor.
  4. Better moisture control: Moisture and water leaks are common problems you have to contend with in your basement. When your basement is not finished, controlling moisture is tricky. Once you have remodeled the space, and installed an egress window, it becomes easier to control the indoor air and reduce the effects of high moisture in the room.
  5. Improved indoor air quality (IAQ): Installing this entry system is crucial in eliminating mold growth and other pollutants that exist in the basement. Such contaminants end up travelling to the upper levels of the house and cause health complications among occupants.

Egress windows are not only required by law for easy access during emergencies, but they also help finish your basement and make it more comfortable.