Three Steps To Mold Removal

mold-removal Do you have mold that keeps coming back, no matter how many times you scrub it off and spray the area with bleach? That’s because mold grows from airborne spores and if the area is still hospitable to mold it will grow back once the bleach has evaporated. Here are three steps to getting rid of mold (and its deleterious health effects) permanently.

1. The first step in mold removal is, of course, to clean the mold-covered surfaces in your home. Because mold is dangerous to your health, it’s a good idea to let professionals do this. Otherwise you’ll have to invest in expensive personal protective equipment yourself, such as respirators, neoprene gloves, and goggles.

2. The second step is to make your home inhospitable to mold. According to the CDC, you can do this by lowering humidity, cleaning up spills immediately, and fixing leaks. You’ll need to make sure water is not entering the house around gutters or windows or through the basement. Use correct ventilation to get rid of steam so your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room aren’t permanently damp.

3. The third step is maintenance. Now that you’ve gotten rid of your mold, how do you keep it away? You can’t prevent mold spores from entering your house, but you can keep your home dry enough that the spores won’t grow. Examine your home regularly for leaks and dry out any damp materials promptly. Other mold prevention techniques, such as painting with mold-inhibiting paint, apply here as well.

Finding mold in your home isn’t a reason to panic, but it does mean you should act quickly. Mold damages the materials it grows on, diminishing the value of your home in addition to posing a threat to your health. Don’t wait to banish mold from your home; contact us today!