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Factors That Increase the Need for Sump Pump Installation in Germantown MD

Sump Pump Installation in Germantown MD

A flooded basement can result in significant damage to your property. You will not only have to deal with water damage to your home and the items stored in the basement but also the long term effects of flooding. These may include the growth of mold and the development of rot.

Sump pump installation can help you avoid having to deal with a flooded basement. If you’re unsure of whether you need a sump pump installed in your home or not, consider the following risk factors:

  1. Extreme weather conditions

We all like the great weather we are blessed with for most of the year. However, as is evident through freak storms, weather conditions are becoming less predictable. When your property is subjected to a heavy rainstorm, water is likely to pool around your home. It is not uncommon for storm water drainage systems to be overwhelmed by the water. Flash floods and water pooling is likely to be an after effect of heavy rainfall.

When this happens, your basement is likely to flood. However, if you have a sump pump installed, you can avoid the flooding and ride out the storm with the confidence that your basement will survive.

  1. Sewer backups

Rainwater is not the only threat to a basement. Sewers can also cause flooding of basements. When a sewer backs up, the wastewater will begin to penetrate your basement and damage your home. Unfortunately, no one can predict when your sewer will back up. It is therefore advisable to take precaution and have a sump pump installed. Sump pumps will remove excess water from your basement and ensure that they remain dry no matter what the source of water.

  1. Poorly sloping land

Ideally, the land around your home should slope away from your home. This prevents water from pooling around your foundation and causing water seepage problems. However, there are some cases where changing the slope of the land may not be possible or may be difficult. It is advisable to have a sump pump installed to keep water out of the basement. The sump pump will also act as a way of relieving hydrostatic pressure against the foundation walls.

  1. High water table

If you live in an area with a high water table, sump pump installation is not an option. It is a must have. Your home’s foundation will be subject to pressure from the water table that can only be relieved by having a sump pump installed.

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