Stop Basement Water Damage Before It Happens

basement-water-damage Prevention really is the key when it comes to basement water issues. No one wants to deal with the aftermath of a flood or clean up mold-covered walls. It makes sense to install a system that would protect your basement from flooding and keep it dry and comfortable all the time.

The problem is most people are reactionary. They usually don’t think about basement floods until they are knee deep in water. The typically basement waterproofing client has a current problem to fix. The best way to handle the situation is to fix the problem at hand AND to do all you can to stop basement water damage before it happens again.

Look to the outside

It has been said before but the first line of defense is always the outside drainage. Maintain gutters, downspouts, and yard landscaping. Never let the downspouts dump water right next to the foundation wall or the yard slope toward the foundation. Water will travel to the lowest point and take the path of least resistance. Do all you can as a homeowner to maintain your exterior drainage system. Clear the snow away from the foundation as well. Don’t let it pile up to melt next to your foundation in the spring. There is a lot you can do to make prevent water intrusion just by diverting water away from the basement.

Install a professional basement waterproofing system

A professional basement waterproofing system will take water diversion to a new level. Basement waterproofing systems protect your house from water damage by stopping water from coming in and allowing for a safe way for water to get out. If water or moisture is trapped in the basement it will create a wet environment where mold and pests thrive.

Think interior Sump Pumps

A professional basement waterproofing can be equipped with interior or exterior French drains as well as sump pumps. Subfloor sump pumps pull moisture from the soil below the concrete slab and pump it out of the house before it gets a chance to come inside and destroy a basement. Sump pumps will also work overtime if there is excess water in the soil from rainstorms or floods. Sump pumps are a great way to stop basement water damage before it happens.

Remember basement waterproofing is more like insurance and prevention than it is about solving a current problem. While a basement waterproofer can definitely handle an active leak or an existing foundation crack, the real expertise lies in stopping water damage before it happens.