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Basement Waterproofing Baltimore, DC & Virginia
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by Charles M. Lee on Basement Waterproofing Baltimore, DC & Virginia
Mystery leak SOLVED!
Adress: 5621 Ravenel Lane
City: Springfield
State: Virginia

Why didn't I call AquaGuard sooner? We had a mystery leak in our basement fireplace. It only leaked during very heavy rains but, during those heavy rains, would dump gallons (yes, I said gallons) of water into the firebox. We had replaced the roof, installed a new gutter system, and rebuilt the chimney but still our mystery leak would appear. The professionals at AquaGuard. found, and fixed, the mystery leak that had been plaguing us for years. The crew was courteous, the work was excellent and the clean-up was through. I can't recommend them highly enough.

by Antoinette Wells on Basement Waterproofing Baltimore, DC & Virginia
Foundation Waterproofing
City: Millersville
State: MD

Aqua Guard Waterproofed the exterior foundation of my home around the basement in June 2017. They did an extraordinary job and the contractors were very professional and went above and beyond what I expected. There is a significant amount of work required to waterproof the foundation of a home and the week the work was done was very hot and it even rained a couple of days. Each day before the contractors left for the day they made sure to cover everything up and even put caution tape around the property. When they were done the put the neighbors plants back and my yard looks so wonderful. I want to thank the contractors and Aqua Guard for doing a phenomenal job. I would Highly Recommended this company.

by Rosetta Cole on Basement Waterproofing Baltimore, DC & Virginia
Great Job!

Aqua Guard installed a sump pump in the basement of my sgl. family home, 4/5/16.  They did an excellent job.  They were on time, quickly cleared the areas and immediately went to work.  They put my things in neat piles and covered the most important things in hard plastic.  They worked efficiently and completed the job in 1 1/2 days.  Some contracetors when they sweep the flloors, they sweep "at" it.  The Aqua Guard crew really swept the floors clean.  I couldn't have done much better myself.  At completion, the areas had a clean, finished, professional look.  Well done.  Highly recommended.

by Edward J Patrus on Basement Waterproofing Baltimore, DC & Virginia
In 2011 my husband & I chose Aqua guard waterproofing

In 2011 my husband and I chose Aqua guard waterproofing to water proof our basement. I wanted to re-do our bathroom however my husband won. We always had water in our basement. It did cost however we were surprised in August of 2014. All of our neighbors had at least 18 inches of water in their basement and we had none. It turned out to be a great investment. The service is outstanding and we would recommend them to anyone.

by Catherine V on Basement Waterproofing Baltimore, DC & Virginia
Courteous and timely

We bought our home with the waterproofing already installed and feel confident knowing our basement is protected, dry and comfortable. The humidity control system makes it very comfortable year around. All of the experiences I have had with Aqua guard waterproofing have been courteous and timely.

by Scott D on Basement Waterproofing Baltimore, DC & Virginia
Excellent Service

Aqua guard waterproofing did a great job waterproofing my basement. They worked quick, and were very helpful in explaining their services to me. Would definitely recommend!

by CindyS on Basement Waterproofing Baltimore, DC & Virginia

Thank you for promptly coming out and fixing the water issue in my basement. It is hard to find such great and friendly customer service!

by Dan and Cheri DeBlauwe on Basement Waterproofing Baltimore, DC & Virginia
We Love Aqua guard waterproofing

our basement was a mess .We had water in our basement for 20 yrs.We finally decided to get it fixed as we wanted to finish our basement.We had 4 different companies come out and assess the job.We decided to go with Aqua guard waterproofing.That was 19 yrs ago and we have never had a drop of water since.We have heard a couple of horror stories of other companies and have always felt blessed that we picked the right company to do our job.Thank you Aqua guard waterproofing!,The DeBlauwe's from sterling hts

by Leo Duford on Basement Waterproofing Baltimore, DC & Virginia

All personal very professional comfortable to work with. Really appreciate the work they did. Would have no problem recommending them to others,

by Joe on Basement Waterproofing Baltimore, DC & Virginia
Close but no cigar!

I just met with Milan to discuss options to resolve a current basement leak that decided to occur in the middle of my basement remodel (ugh!). The most impressive remark that I can make was that Milan's focus was on trying to solve my issue and not trying to make a sale for the sake of a sale. He was very informative, and gave a quick education to me and my wife about our options and the pros/cons of each. Unfortunately, we weren't able to align on a mutual solution since I would like resolution immediately (hopefully within a few days to a week) and he indicated that unfortunately, the current schedule of when he could commit to providing the solution wouldn't be until further out in time. He was definitely a person of integrity and provided some good suggestions of how I might remedy my solution quickly. Even though I didn't use Aqua guard waterproofing for my current needs, I was impressed enough to write a positive review about how he approached us and helped us out. I'll be sure to pass along a recommendation to family/friends to try Aqua guard waterproofing that might be looking for waterproofing needs. Thanks Milan!

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