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How To Keep Moisture Out of Your Basement | Waldorf, MD

Basement moisture is an issue that many people have to deal with and unless it is a dedicated room,
many do not even get to their basements often enough to notice wetness till it is too late. Keeping the
basement dry, therefore is something that takes effort on your part. More so if your structure is
predominantly wooden. Just consider the bare facts of a basement it is a space that has been dug out of
the earth and it is the first place water will flow into in case of rain or any leaks around the house. That
should be enough reason as to why you should keep your basement as dry as possible.

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The issue of dampness

Dampness is a situation where things are between a state of wet and dry and it creates a perfect
environment for a number of things to grow, all of which are bad news for you and your house. The
first on this list is mold. Mold is a kind of micro organism that act as decomposing agents, they are, for
the most part, microscopic and unless they begin to grow rapidly and create colonies, they are rarely
seen. It does go without saying that not all mold is toxic, but that is besides the point. Mold and various
forms of mildew feed off the wooden structures and weaken them apart from looking and smelling
dirty. So make sure you take the necessary steps to keep basement moisture away and avoid the decay
of wood as well as the growth of mold.