The EZ Breathe Ventilation Advantage

EZ Breathe Ventilation

Ventilation is important when it comes to air quality and keeping your home dry. Most people go for what they are used to or what they know. In many cases, they end up purchasing regular air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

However, dehumidifiers and air conditioners won’t help you achieve that great air quality that you need to ensure a healthy home environment. The EZ Breathe ventilation system on the other hand offers you a complete solution for better indoor air quality with many advantages over air conditioners and dehumidifiers.


  1. Removes contaminants

Air conditioners and other regular HVAC systems rely on filters to get rid of particulate contaminants in the air. However, smaller particulates such as mold spores as well as gaseous contaminants such as Radon can make it through filters and are recirculated in indoor air. Filters also need to be replaced regularly to ensure efficiency of the system. This can be expensive.

The EZ Breathe ventilation system doesn’t have a filter. It instead works by drawing air from the indoor space and expelling it to the outdoors. Clean air from the outdoors is then forced into the home. This ensures allergens, such as mold spores and poisonous gases, such as radon are removed from the living space.

  1. Effective in controlling moisture

Dehumidifiers are only effective at controlling moisture in the space within which they have been installed. This means that you’ll have to find a solution for the rest of the home. It can be expensive to purchase, install and run various dehumidifiers in different parts of the home to keep it dry.

EZ Breathe on the other hand is a whole house solution. The system will control humidity levels throughout the entire home. This ensures that your home is dry from the basement all through to the attic. You don’t have to purchase a second dehumidifier or have to worry about the expense of running multiple systems to keep your home dry and comfortable.

  1. Maintenance free

Dehumidifiers and HVAC systems require a high level of maintenance. You have to empty buckets of water frequently as well as change air filters to ensure the efficiency of the system. This is not only tedious but also expensive.

The EZ Breathe ventilation system is a maintenance free system. There are no filters to change or the need for buckets to be emptied. You can run the system all year long without even thinking about it.