How to Properly Control Basement Moisture in Silver Spring MD 20901

basement-moisture-in-silver-spring-md-20901 It’s quite crucial for you to control your basement moisture in Silver Spring MD 20901, as failing to do so could cause serious health issues among your family members. Besides this, it could even cause structural damages or issues that could make your home weaker and unsafe for living.

Most of the individuals do not fully understand moisture problems due to which they aren’t treated in a proper manner. So in order to control it in a proper way you have to first understand how moisture has gotten into your basement.

Common moisture sources

First of all, try to figure out the real source of moisture. There are basically three common sources of moisture in the basement:

  • Rain water or water seeping in from the ground that surrounds your basement.
  • Moisture within the home, which might be due to cooking, humidifier, clothes dryers that have not been vented, moisture from bathroom or moisture from fresh concrete in the basement after recent construction.
  • Humid air from outside making way into the basement. When the air from outside gets into the basement, it condenses after coming in contact with colder surface, resulting into moisture.

How to find out whether your basement has been affected by moisture or not

In order to identify basement moisture in Silver Spring MD 20901, you need to check for:

  • Standing water on the floor of basement
  • Water seepage on the walls of basement
  • Humid or moist air in basement
  • Growth of mildew or mold, which gives a moist, musty smell
  • Tainted or scorched coverings of wall
  • Occurrence of ring of dampness in the base of concrete block walls
  • Rotten wooden parts like headers, columns or joists
  • Corrosion of organic materials such as carpet stored in your basement

How to control basement moisture in Silver Spring MD 20901

You need to follow below mentioned tips in order to control moisture:

  • Make your basement better ventilated in order o prevent formation of moisture due to condensation. You can either install a ventilation fan, or simply open up the windows of your basement whenever the weather is calm outside.
  • Installation of a dehumidifier that will eliminate excess moisture in the air
  • With the help of insulating tape or foam sleeve insulation you can cover all the pipes in your basement, which will eliminate any chances of condensation taking place on the pipes.
  • During rainy season, make sure that the water falling on the roof is routed to the drain, away from the base of your home. Besides this, make sure that the drainage system is working correctly and free of debris.

If you find any leakage in your home, hire a plumber to fix it.