foundation cracks

Here’s Why You Should Be Worried About Those Small Foundation Cracks in Waldorf MD

Foundation Cracks in Waldorf MD

Foundation cracks are almost inevitable in concrete foundations. They are caused by a combination of factors including poor construction, tree roots, lateral water pressure, soil movements, natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods and house settling. While every foundation contractor will tell you foundation cracking is normal, this does not in any way mean the problem should be ignored.

As a homeowner, you have to treat a foundation crack as a threat to this precious investment. If you consider the sacrifices you have made to buy or build your house, it goes without saying that anything that threatens the wellbeing of the structure must be resolved immediately. However small these cracks look, make sure you immediately contact a qualified foundation contractor for inspection repairs.

There are many risks associated with unrepaired foundation cracking including:

  1. Danger to the Structure

The presence of cracks on your foundation could be a pointer to more underlying issues. This could be a sign of bulging or bowed foundation. Worse still, these cracks could allow water entry leading to wood joists rotting and rusting of metal fasteners on your home’s foundation. All these problems will compromise the integrity of the foundation. In case of floods, the damage to the house can be extensive. This is one good reason to immediately initiate repairs to this sort of foundation damage.

  1. Poor Indoor Air Quality

If these cracks allow water into the basement, it is only a matter of time before mold grows on the walls and other surfaces. Mold spores are allergens and are responsible for asthmatic attacks and other respiratory health issues. The Basement Health Association (BHA) says most of the air you breathe inside the house originates from the lower levels. This means mold spores will eventually find a way to the main house leading to health problems. By sealing foundation cracks early enough, you will eliminate this health risk.

  1. Loss of Home’s Value

The last thing a home appraiser or buyer would like to see is a foundation crack. To them, this is a sign of bigger problems or poor maintenance of the property. For this reason, you need to immediately deal with these cracks using a certified foundation contractor.

To permanently deal with foundation cracks, you need to call in a qualified foundation contractor. These professionals carry out diagnostic tests to identify the underlying problem. They will also evaluate the extent of damage and initiate repairs using the most appropriate foundation repair system.