Basement Moisture Waldorf, MD

Basement Moisture

basement-moisture One of the most vexing home improvement processes has to be basement remodeling. Indeed, a study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR®) found that over 78% of homeowners regret having this space underneath their homes. Most of these owners bought their homes without any intention to use these spaces, and with time, they have not yet found any need for renovating them.

Myriad Risks of Basement Moisture

Due to continuing neglect, a debilitating problem of basement moisture slowly creeps in leaving your home vulnerable to myriad risks. One of the major causes of foundation weakness according to the Concrete Foundations Association (CFA) is basement water leakage which interferes with wood supports.

Worse still, you will have to contend with health implications instigated by mold growth and high levels of humidity. High moisture level also destroys floor boards and utility facilities such as tanks and piping. A study on Home Living shows that over 79% of homes that are earmarked for destruction by authorities have basement water problems.

Effective Solutions

Some of the most effective solutions used by contractors to remedy the problem include:

Interior French Drain

This is a key component in solving basement moisture in any kind of property. Once your contractor has diagnosed the problem, they will propose this system, especially where rising groundwater has been identified as a problem. Drain pipes are laid on the perimeter of the basement where the slab floor meets the foundation wall. This continues to drain below the floor discharges water outside or most preferably to a sump pit where it is pumped out.

Sump Pump System

Water from high water tables combined with poor soils will lead to moisture problems in the spaces below. To avoid this problem, especially in low-lying areas, a sump pump should be installed in the basement. It is designed to handle all volumes of water and discharging the same away from the foundation walls. The best system should also have a battery backup unit to work even in the case of a power outage.

Basement Dehumidifier

This system works best where condensation of water on pipes and floorboards is causing major problems. It is also ideal where the basement is being used for storage of precious items. Your dehumidifier helps maintain above-grade humidity in the basement. Modern systems are versatile and also enable air filtration and drain into a sump pit.

There are other basement moisture solutions including encapsulation, rigid foam insulation, window well drains, among others. The best thing about it is the fact that your contractor will be working hand in hand with you to identify and implement the best system for your home.