4 Health Hazards Basement Waterproofing Can Resolve – Baltimore, MD

A little puddle in the basement shouldn’t be something to worry about, right? Wrong. Basement leaks and moisture can lead to various health concerns in the home. If you care about the health and well-being of your household, you should invest in basement waterproofing as soon as you notice a moisture problem in your basement.  

The following are top 4 health hazards that basement waterproofing can help you resolve.

  1. Bacteria

Bacteria thrive where there is moisture. They need it for breeding and sustaining their lives. A damp basement is therefore the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. No amount of cleaning can help you resolve this situation. The best solution is to ensure that the space remains dry.This means waterproofing it.

  1. Dust mites

Dust mites are well known allergens. They can cause a variety of allergic reactions including sneezing, stuffy or runny nose, itchy eyes, skin rash as well as respiratory problems including worsening asthma symptoms.

Dust mites thrive in environments that are damp and warm. If humidity in your home is higher than 60 percent and temperatures are above 80 degrees, you are likely to experience increased dust mite infestation.

Waterproofing your basement will help to resolve the moisture issue. You may also want to install a dehumidifier to help control the levels of humidity in the home.

  1. Pests

Increased moisture levels are associated with increased allergens from mice and cockroaches. This is because these pests thrive in environments that are dark, damp, and warm. Their waste matter is known to trigger allergens. These pests are also known to be carriers of pathogens.

  1. Mold

One of the biggest concerns of wet basements is mold. Mold spores are a major concern, especially when there are people with compromised immunity in the home. They can also cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Exposure to mold spores and other microbial organisms can result in other illnesses.

The best way to deal with mold is to deal with sources of moisture in the home. This includes basement waterproofing as well as controlling levels of humidity with a dehumidifier.

Don’t opt for a quick fix to your moisture problems. Have a professional waterproofing contractor inspect your home and guide you in finding a solution for your moisture problems. Always opt for solutions that will have long term benefits. These will be worth investing your money in.