Worried About Fire Safety in a Basement Bedroom? Egress Windows will Put You at Ease

Egress-WIndows As families grow, the need for more space becomes more and more urgent. Not only do children accumulate more belongings, but it’s nice to provide them their own space and privacy. For many families, the basement is the only option to find more square footage in the house, but it comes with concerns. Egress windows can address those concerns, making the possibility a reality.

The number one roadblock to converting a basement into a finished space is fire safety. Many basements don’t have any sort of exit beside the main stairs, and possibly some small windows that won’t work as a suitable escape. When parents consider putting a bedroom downstairs, the thought of having their child trapped in a fire is enough to shut the idea down.

Fortunately, there is a way to convert a basement into a safe living space with an egress window. By cutting a hole in the foundation, a sizable window can be installed to not only make a safe fire exit, but let in natural light so the basement feels brighter and more welcoming.

If you’re transforming your basement into living space, it’s important to know your local code laws. Most communities do require egress windows to ensure fire safety. It’s also important to enlist the help of a contractor who has experience in this type of construction. Issues such as foundation strength and location of the egress window need to be discussed before the project can proceed.

In addition, when adding an egress window and remodeling a basement, it’s a good idea to have a basement evaluation done to ensure your home is water-tight to protect your investment.

If you’re considering transforming your basement into a living space or bedroom, using an experienced, reliable contractor is crucial. If you’re ready to take the first steps of evaluating your basement for water issues and planning an egress window, contact us.