Many people experience moisture and seepage problems in their basement. Concrete foundations were made to leak, that’s just the way it is, but there are a few inexpensive, easy ways you can potentially eliminate any minor seepage problems you may be experiencing:

  1. Check your existing sump pump. Make sure your old sump pump isn’t dead or dying. A simple replacement may be all you need to keep the moisture out. A battery backup system is a great way to ensure your basement doesn’t leak in case of a main pump failure.
  2. Extend all exterior gutter downspouts away from the home. Gutters put out a huge amount of water in a very small amount of space, and you surely don’t want all that water pouring out against your house! Make sure downspouts are extended at least 3-5 feet from the foundation wall for an effective, waterproof basement.
  3. Grade your yard away from the foundation wall. Pitching the first few feet of grass/dirt away from your wall is a great way to direct rain water away from your foundation. This can prove to be a great help especially if you’re noticing water or moisture at the top of your basement wall.

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