Signs You Need Commercial Foundation Repair | Baltimore, MD

Foundation Repair in Baltimore MD


If you manage or own a commercial building, maintenance of the building should be at the top of your priority list. If you’re like most people, the foundation of your building is probably something that you hardly think about.

While it may not be possible to carry out regular inspections of your foundation, it is possible to recognize the signs of damage. Recognizing these signs can help you determine when you need foundation repair and when to get in touch with a commercial repair service.

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  1. Cracks on the walls

Have you observed cracks on the exterior surface of the walls of the building? You may be tempted to ignore the cracks, but they may be a sign of foundation problems.

It is important to examine the cracks for shape, location and size. Stair step cracks on brick walls are often a sign of foundation problems. The sooner you invest in foundation repair services the cheaper it will be to repair the foundation.

  1. Gaps in the fascia

Have you observed gaps in the fascia of your property? This is the material that connects the exterior of the walls to the roof. Gaps in this part of the building can indicate that the foundation is settling or shifting. Multi story buildings are particularly vulnerable to this type of separation.

  1. Cracks on the inside

Have you noticed cracks on the inside of the building? These cracks may appear in the drywall. You may also notice some separation between the moldings and the walls. Be especially cautious about cracks that emanate from window or door frames.

Cracks are especially a problem in buildings that receive high volumes of traffic. While they may be the result of a minor problem, they may also indicate foundation damage. It is therefore best to have the foundation inspected when the cracks are noticed.

  1. Jamming doors and windows

Are the windows and doors in the building not closing or opening properly? If you find that you require more effort to close or open a door or window, there may be problems with the foundation. Multi story buildings are especially vulnerable to this problem.

  1. Issues with the plumbing

Have you experienced any plumbing issues? This may come in the form of clogged pipes, low pressure or failing plumbing. While there could be many reasons why your plumbing is failing, unexplained failure may be linked to a foundation problem.

Have your foundation inspected as soon as you notice any signs of foundation problems. Early foundation repair will help to save time and money.