The Cost of Egress Window Installation in Rockville MD

egress window installation Egress Window Installation in Rockville MD

Are you planning to finish your basement? Having an egress window installed will go a long way in improving the lighting in the basement. Egress windows are also a requirement of the law. They act as an emergency exit in case of a fire or any other disaster.

When you’re considering egress window installation for your basement, one of your main worries will be the cost of the installation. This will vary depending on the contractor you hire for the job. It will also depend on the type of egress window system you invest in.

Custom or Prefabricated

When it comes to egress windows, you will have various choices for designs and styles. However, the type of window you choose should meet the standards of the building codes in your area.

You will also have the choice between prefabricated windows and custom windows. Prefabricated systems are more affordable since they require less labor. They can start from about $2,500.

Custom built windows on the other hand require a lot of labor as they are unique. You may have to shell out more than $6000 for a custom built window. The actual price of the window will depend on the features included as well as the amount of labor involved.

Cost of Labor

Many homeowners are tempted to carry out the installation of the windows on their own. They do this in an attempt to save money. However, they end up spending much more as problems such as leaking are likely to develop in the long term.

It is therefore always best to hire a professional who can get the job done right the first time around. It takes professional skills, tools and knowledge to cut through concrete and ensure that the window is properly installed. It will cost you much less to hire a professional who already has the right skills and tools to do the job rather than to purchase the tools yourself.

Getting a Good Price

The cost of job differs depending on the contractor you choose. It is therefore important to compare quotations from different contractors. This will give you the opportunity to identify the best deal possible.

Avoid choosing a contractor based solely on their cost. Choose a contractor that has good references to ensure that you have a high quality finish. You should also ensure that you get a minimum of one-year warranty when you hire a contractor. This ensures that you can refer to them if any problem arises with the window.