Do Your Egress Windows Pass the Water Test? | Rockville, MD

Have you recently invested in new egress windows? Do your windows pass the water test? It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to find that their brand new windows are letting water in. There are two main reasons for this failure:

  1. Poor choice of window

Most homeowners choose windows based on their appearance while giving little thought to the actual performance of the window. This is because homeowners are more concerned with the aesthetic value of the windows as opposed to how well they will do their job.

Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that any window will do for an egress. They, therefore, purchase any window as long as it meets the size and style requirements of the Building Code for egress. The fact is that manufacturers of egress windows have spent a fortune and many years developing windows for better performance. Their windows are designed to provide efficiency under the tough conditions that basements are exposed to.

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  1. Poor installation

There’s no particular type of installation that will work for every window system or for every situation. An experienced contractor will assess the situation and ensure that the right approach is used. However, inexperienced contractors or DIY homeowners will not know this. The window system that would otherwise have been effective is thereby rendered useless.

Points to consider

There are several points to consider if you want to ensure that your windows pass the water test.

  1. Hire an experienced contractor

Installing egress windows is nothing like installing windows in other parts of the home. The foundation of your home is more sensitive. A single mistake can result in serious problems throughout the home. If you want to ensure that the egress window is installed properly and safely in your basement, hire an experienced and professional contractor.

  1. Purchase an egress window

These windows are designed not only to meet the requirements of the Building Code, but also to provide the best performance under harsh conditions. A lot of research, time and money have gone into ensuring that these windows will provide you with durability and efficiency.

  1. Buy a window with a warranty

It is important to choose a window with a warranty. This will ensure that you’re protected long after the installation of the window. Window manufacturers are generally responsive when it comes to problems that their customers are facing. You can, therefore, be sure that there will be someone to call in case of a problem.