Different Waterproofing Options Bethesda, MD

Foundation Waterproofing

Waterproofing is necessary if you want to have a safe and durable house. If you neglect this, before you know it, the structure of the building will be compromised. To protect your investment, take steps to create an efficient foundation waterproofing. The foundation is like the root of a tree. If this is compromised, the rest of the tree does not have a chance to survive. Wet soil can cause it to swell and become less steady.

Another issues that can be caused by a wet basement is mold. This bacteria growth is more dangerous than it seems and it has a very unpleasant odor. By cleaning the area affected by mold, you are only treating the symptom. As long as you have a wet basement, you will never get rid of mildew or mold.

Install Drains

Drains can redirect the water caused by rain or snow away from the foundation. Make sure you ask a specialist to help you with this task. You want the best service to ensure that your foundation stays dry.

Waterproof the Exterior

For an efficient foundation waterproofing, you should not forget about the exterior walls. The first layer is the concrete, but this is not enough. Use some damp-proof coatings to keep the walls moisture-free. The walls need to be cleaned and brushed before the coating is applied. Use seam tape to fix any visible cracks.

Check for Clogged Gutters

Add cleaning the gutters to your list of chores. Also, check how far away the downspouts discharge the water. The optimum distance should be at least 5 feet from the foundation walls.

Remove Trees Close to the Foundation

Never plant trees or other plants too close to the foundation. The roots will push the earth close to the walls and will gather moisture. If you already bought a property with a tree that is right next to the house, consider having it removed. It’s not ideal, but it’s the best solution considering the alternative.

Fix the Cracks or Leaks in the Walls

Do you see any cracks in the walls? There is a simple fix for this. You can use products like Drylok. This is a simple water proofer and when it dries up, it becomes part of the wall. A product like this is ideal for fixing small cracks and preventing leaks in the wall.

Install a Sump

A sump is a necessity if you live in a house that is in danger of flooding. This is installed in the floor of your basement and contains a pump. When the water starts filling the sump, the pump starts working. This will prevent the water from ever reaching your floor or walls.

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