Things To Do in Case of Basement Flooding in Columbia MD

basement flooding Basement Flooding in Columbia MD

So your basement is flooded. There are a number of reasons as to why it can happen, in fact, some of the things that can flood your basement cannot really be avoided. A survey found that almost 50% of all basements in the country have some level of wetness in them. While a little moisture cannot be bad for your structure, flooding is never good news. You need to have a thorough basement waterproofing procedure carried out for your structure, but before you get down to it, here are a few things that you will have to do beforehand.

First thing to acknowledge in this situation is that any basement, regardless of how well built they are, can flood. So if you’re experiencing flooding, it may not strictly mean that it is caused by bad workmanship. Your basement is at a lower level than the surrounding area, it is where water will naturally flow to.

  • Get the water out
    It is the first obvious thing to do. Once the flooding has happened, unless there is more water coming in, in most cases, it will stop by itself. Pump the water out of the basement immediately. Stagnant water is dangerous in every way and water will damage everything it touches including drywall, furniture, electronics, and carpeting. Leaving the water as is is also the fastest way to get germs, insects and other unsavory smells into the structure.
  • Where did this water come from
    Unless your region was seeing heavy rainfall or a flash flood occurred, chances are, there was a leak that went unnoticed. Find the leak and where this water came from. It may be a pipeline leak, or accumulated water from elsewhere, so find it, plug it. Prevention is the best cure, so search for the leak, and make sure the source of all the water is removed and fixed.
  • Basement waterproofing
    Call in the experts, the people who install basement waterproofing right away. DIY waterproofing is seldom as good and you are sure to not be able to cover as much ground as those who actually know what they are doing. The job may also be too much and you are likely to quit half way through.

Basement waterproofing is an important part of home maintenance and if you haven’t already, it is best done before the wet season for maximum effect.