Tips On Purchasing A Battery Backup In Baltimore

Basement Waterproofing | AquaGuard | Sump Pumps 1. Pumping Capacity / Output

If all you needed was to choose a cast iron sump with an AGM battery, all would be easy.  You also need to get the right size pump!  Too often we will look inside a sump pit, and find that the backup pump only has about half the pumping capacity as the primary.  If it’s raining cats and dogs outside and the power goes out, you want to make sure your backup pump can pump an equivalent amount of water as the primary pump.  Most primary pumps have an output of 35 to 60 gallons per minute (2100 to 3600 gallons per hour).  Make sure you get a backup pump that meets or exceeds that.

2. Battery Type

The two most common types of batteries on the market are Deep Cycle Marine Batteries and AGM Batteries.  Deep Cycle Marine Batteries are very similar to what you would find under the hood of older cars.  They require continual maintenance by adding water.  AGM Batteries are the latest technology and do not require adding water.  In addition, the new generation of AGM Batteries have about a 50% longer run time for their size and on top of that they should last five to seven years before replacement.

3. Pump Construction

It’s very simple.  You have two choices – plastic or cast iron.  Do you want to drive a plastic car?  I’m not getting behind that wheel.  Same goes with the sump. A sturdy, cast iron pump is the obvious choice.

4. Technology

There are two standard types of backup pumps: AC/DC pumps and DC only pumps.  AC/DC pumps are preferred because they can operate off your wall current or battery (whichever is available).  DC only pumps cannot work directly off the wall current, so it will only last as long as the battery allows.  For this reason, DC only pumps are less expensive.  Go with an AC/DC pump so you don’t get lost without a battery backup and no power.

5. Purchase

So, where can you get the right backup system?  Right here at Aquaguard. If you have any questions about what is the right Battery Backup Sump Pump for your home, please feel free to contact us at 301-595-9670 or 800-784-9913.