Egress Window Installation is All About Safety

Egress Window Installation

egress window installation Professional egress window installation comes with many benefits for your home. By allowing a professional basement waterproofing contractor to evaluate your home’s need for basement egress windows, you will be adding safety and elegance to your home.

Emergency Exits

Egress windows add emergency exits to your basement. They replace old and outdated windows with new casement windows designed ideally for basement window wells that have little space. Because basement exits are often limited in older homes, egress windows acting as an emergency exit are the law when a to remodel occurs.

Know the Code

In all instances where living areas are being planned for basements, knowing the code on basement egress windows will save you headaches. To ensure that your basement falls under the rules and requirements for installing egress windows, refer to the International Code Council (ICC) for the set regulations in your hometown.

Learn the Options

Basement egress windows aren’t limited in style. While they must meet a guideline for height, width, and depth, professional basement contractors can turn them into an aesthetically pleasing part of your home. It is also a good idea to work with your basement waterproofing contractor with whether your home needs retrofit construction.

It’s About Safety

A basement egress window isn’t about your wants, it’s about your needs. While you may never even use your basement egress window, in an emergency situation a firefighter or EMT may need quick access to your home. If all other entrances are blocked, an egress window might just save your life.

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