Are there Surfaces on Which Mold Cannot Grow?

mold Mold

By now you would have seen mold grow just about anywhere. Food, clothes, walls, and even the soil. There are no real natural surfaces that repel it. In fact even living creatures like sloths are known to have algae growing on their fur! While this is a fascinating piece of information, the real issue here is that mold growth is not welcome in anyone’s home. You are better off having none at all and that is the ideal situation for any person.

Why mold grows

Mold, in some form or another is everywhere. It is ubiquitous and there is no way to actually escape it. If the conditions are right, it will appear anywhere. There has to be moisture, a place to grow and the right temperature. Mold will normally feed off the surface it grows on, so food is also taken care of, if none of the conditions are disturbed, it can be quite rapid. The best way to stop growth once it starts will be to cut off one of the three conditions. If there is some form of basement leak, cutting off the water will put the mold out and it will wither away. It will not die, but will stop spreading.

Mold resistance

There are, however a number of surfaces where mold will not grow. Treated surfaces and drywall have been found to resist growth, even when wet. While it may seem like a good idea to have such surfaces everywhere, they are not 100% effective. If there is too much wetness, like a leaking pipe, there are chances that it will eventually grow around it. Paint is another method where the surface like wood or drywall can be covered under a few coats of paint. Special mold resistant paint is available in the market, but they can also be expected to work only to a certain extent.

The most effective way to control crawl space mold will be to prevent it from happening. If you have some cause to worry about basement moisture, get it fixed. If you have any plumbing related issues, make sure the walls are aired out and dried sufficiently. If you smell anything that suggests mold or get a damp, musty smell on a wall or in your basement, make sure to get it cleaned thoroughly.