basement-waterproofing-washington-dc Is your basement or crawl space equipped to handle the saturating Spring rains this year? Many homeowners simply wait until it’s too late to take action to protect there home from leaking. And who can blame ’em? Understandably, basement health is not on top of everyone’s to-do-list.

But we’d like to send out this quick reminder to homeowner’s who typically experience moisture and seepage issues this time of year: spend a few minutes and take some basic precautions to help keep your basement dry.

First, test those sump pumps. By pouring buckets of water directly into the sump basin, you can simulate a rainstorm and make sure your pumps are working properly. Furthermore, we recommend you invest in a battery-operated backup sump pump system. In the event of a power outage, pump failure, or if your pump can’t keep up, the backup will kick on and keep the water pumping out of your home.

Take a quick look at the interior and exterior of your foundation. Are there cracks that can be sealed up with masonry caulk or hydraulic cement? This may not be a permanent solution of you’re chronically experiencing water issues, but it may do the trick in the short term. Also, be sure to grade water away from your foundation walls outside, and connect those gutter downspout extensions. Those, as well as existing sump discharge lines, should be extended at least 4 feet away from your foundation.

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