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Repairing Cracks Found During Basement Waterproofing – Baltimore, MD

Although concrete is a strong, durable material, it doesn’t last forever. It’s bound to crack at some point. This is especially true in areas that are prone to water damage, including your basement. Repairing any foundation cracks is an important element of basement waterproofing Baltimore. There are two main types of repairs that are commonly used: interior repairs and exterior repairs.


Interior Repairs


Perhaps the most popular fix, interior repairs are both quick and inexpensive. Most repairs can be completed in less than two hours. Interior repairs are most effective on smaller cracks and those without little to no water seepage. These cracks can be repaired with either the chipping or injecting method.


  1. Chipping Method
  • In order to repair a crack with the chipping method, you will need a chipping hammer and waterproof hydraulic cement. Begin by chipping out a 3 inch by 3 inch area around the crack. Once this is done, fill the chipped out space with the cement. Smooth out the excess and allow to dry. When done right, these repairs will blend in seamlessly with the rest of the area.
  1. Injecting Method
  • Larger indoor cracks can be repaired by injecting them with epoxy. Using high pressure, the epoxy is injected directly into the crack. This type of fix is generally stronger than cement, although some people find this type of repair to be less aesthetically pleasing.

Exterior Repairs


If you notice large, seeping foundation cracks on the exterior of your home while completing a basement waterproofing Baltimore project, then you will need to repair them using the exterior method. Not only will this type of repair fix the crack, but it will also waterproof the area at the same time.


Exterior foundation repairs begin by chipping out the entire crack. Once the entire crack has been dug out, fill the space with waterproofing tar. It’s also recommended to add plastic sheeting to prevent water damage down the road.


For added protection, consider installing drain tile around the perimeter of the foundation. The purpose of drain tile is to redirect water to another location, thus keeping both your foundation and your basement dry.


If you notice foundation cracks while working on basement waterproofing Baltimore, it’s wise to take the time to repair them as soon as possible. Smaller cracks are easier to repair and will cost less to fix. The longer you wait to fix a crack, the more likely you are to experience costly damage to your foundation.