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How To Prepare for Elevator Waterproofing in Columbia MD

Elevator Waterproofing in Columbia MD

Just like any other part of the foundation, it is important for elevator pits to be waterproofed. This is often carried out during the construction of the building. However, if this crucial step is missed, then you will have to invest in elevator waterproofing to ensure the safety and longevity of the elevator.

Before the waterproofing is done, the elevator pit must be prepared for the process. The steps taken in preparing for elevator waterproofing depend on the type of waterproofing method the contractor will use.

Preparing for tanking or application of a waterproof render

In order to apply the render, the elevator pit’s surface must be prepared. The following are common steps taken:

  1. Removal of water

Water from the pit is removed. The water in an elevator pit often contains oil, grime and other pollutants. It shouldn’t therefore be poured into the main drain. It should be disposed in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Environmental Protection Agency. Professional waterproofing companies adhere to these guidelines and will be able to dispose the water for you.

  1. Surface preparation

The surfaces in the elevator pit must be prepared for the render to adhere properly. This involves roughening of the surface. Many contractors rely on a wire brush to both clean and roughen the surface.

  1. Soaking of substrate

The substrate should then be soaked with clean water. Excess water within the elevator pit should be removed. There should be no puddles or standing water.

  1. Removal of fixtures

The fixtures within the pit should be removed. This allows the contractor unhindered access to the surfaces in the put. It also gives you the opportunity to replace and repair any parts that need attention.

  1. Patch work

Repair of the pit is then carried out. This ensures that any cracks and crevices within the pit are attended to.

Preparing for injection waterproofing

If you have opted for injection waterproofing, you will only be concerned with having cracks and crevices within the elevator pit repaired or filled with resin. Preparation for this kind of work is not as elaborate as that for the application of a waterproof render system.

The waterproofing contractor will simply ensure that the cracks and crevices are prepared for the application of the resin. This may involve drying the cracks out or cleaning them to remove dust and other debris.

Proper preparation is key to ensuring that the application of the waterproofing system is successful.