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Comprehensive Repair for Water Damage and Bowed Basement Walls Mount Laurel, NJ

When your foundation has exposure to large quantities of water, it will suffer some damage. If the problem is detected and resolved early, you may avoid the need for significant foundation repair. However, if the problem is left unattended, it can result in damage such as bowed basement walls whose repair can be more involving.

Whether the water damage is a result of a burst pipe or flooding after heavy rainfall, you can expect a professional contractor to take the following steps to repair the water damage and restore the safety and aesthetic value of your basement.

  1. Identify the source of water

Identifying the water source is one of the most critical steps in repairing water damage. With this information, the contractor can stop the flow of water and prevent further damage to your foundation. They can also provide guidance and solutions to avoid damage to your foundation in the future.

Water Damage | Mount Laurel, NJ

  1. Cleaning and drying out the damaged area

Once there is an identification of the water source, the wet areas in your home must be dried and cleaned. The cleaning may involve pumping water out of the basement, removing wet materials, and allowing the space to dry. Fans and a dehumidifier may be used to speed up the process and ensure the space is thoroughly dry.

  1. Inspecting the area for mold

Water damage can result in the development of a mold infestation. A professional contractor will ensure adequate inspection for mold. If the mold infestation is detected, it is wise to invest in mold remediation before carrying out other repairs. The mold eradication will prevent further damage to your home. You’ll also be protecting your household from the health risks that mold presents.

  1. Repairing structural damage

Water damage can lead to structural damage to your foundation. One common problem is the development of bowed basement walls. Such damage will need addressing before restoring the space.

Many professional contractors today use carbon fiber for the repair of bowed basement walls. However, walls with severe bows need replacement.

Other structural repairs may include the removal and replacement of rotting joists. Aesthetic maintenance, such as removing and replacing drywall, will also be added at this stage.

Use a professional contractor

Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that water damage is only superficial. If your basement has been affected by water damage, you should get in touch with a foundation repair professional as soon as possible to ensure the restoration of all the water damage.


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