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Dangers of Basement DIY

Finishing your basement by yourself seems simple enough. However, there is more to worry about than simply throwing up some sheet rock and laying some carpet. In fact both those simple actions may lead to serious problems like mold and rot if you don’t properly waterproof the basement first. People see the basement as an…

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Non-Structural vs Structural Crack Repair Baltimore

Repairing a non-structural foundation crack is pretty easy and relatively inexpensive but requires the services of a waterproofing professional/company. The technician cleans out the crack and inserts a number of plastic injection ports along its length. He then applies a surface coat of fast-drying epoxy to cover the crack and hold the ports in place….

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Tips On Purchasing A Battery Backup In Baltimore

1. Pumping Capacity / Output If all you needed was to choose a cast iron sump with an AGM battery, all would be easy.  You also need to get the right size pump!  Too often we will look inside a sump pit, and find that the backup pump only has about half the pumping capacity as…

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