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Weighing Your Basement Waterproofing Options

Basement Waterproofing Basement waterproofing ensures that your basement and your entire home are protected from the effects of flooding and leaks. Waterproofing prevents water from penetrating into the basement and causing damage to your property. It also helps to increase the value of your home and reduce the need for repairs on your foundation in…

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Factors That Increase the Need for Sump Pump Installation in Germantown MD

Sump Pump Installation in Germantown MD A flooded basement can result in significant damage to your property. You will not only have to deal with water damage to your home and the items stored in the basement but also the long term effects of flooding. These may include the growth of mold and the development…

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5 Reasons to Use a Basement Waterproofing Contractor

Basement Waterproofing Did you know that over 67% of homes over 6 years of age experience some form of basement leakage? The number might look high but remember most people don’t take time to refinish their basements. This means most water problems are only discovered when there is a storm and the living space floods….

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Avoid This After Basement Flooding in Columbia MD

Basement Flooding in Columbia MD Basement flooding is the stuff of nightmares to homeowners. When it happens to you, it can be disheartening. However, this is not the time to sit in the pool of water that was once your basement and give up. It’s time to take action to ensure that it never happens…

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5 Tips for Selecting Basement Entry Doors in Waldorf MD

Basement Entry Doors in Waldorf MD Basement entry doors are great for providing access to the basement directly from the outside of the home. There are many choices for doors that you can use for your basement. It is important to note however, that selecting doors for the basement isn’t like selecting a front door….

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Demystifying the Elevator Waterproofing Process

Elevator Waterproofing Is your elevator pit flooding? Are you considering waterproofing your elevator pit? You may be wondering what will occur during the elevator waterproofing process. The following article will hopefully provide you with a better understanding of what occurs during the process.

Things To Do in Case of Basement Flooding in Columbia MD

Basement Flooding in Columbia MD So your basement is flooded. There are a number of reasons as to why it can happen, in fact, some of the things that can flood your basement cannot really be avoided. A survey found that almost 50% of all basements in the country have some level of wetness in…

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Homebuyers Basement Moisture Checklist

Basement Moisture If you’ve found your dream home and are ready to purchase it, there are a few factors to consider before you sign that check. Basement moisture will probably be the last thing on your mind when considering the purchase of a home. However, if you want to avoid having to invest in the…

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