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What to Expect in the Replacement of Basement Entry Doors in Waldorf MD

Basement Entry Doors in Waldorf MD

Are your basement entry doors old? Do you want to replace them, but are not sure what to expect? The following is an overview of the process that your professional contractor will use to replace your doors.

Step one:

Site assessment is the first step in the replacement of old basement entry doors. This gives the contractor an idea of the space available. It helps them guide you in the selection of your new door. They will also assess any challenges that may be present, such as drainage, access or insecurity.

Contractors are often trained and certified in the installation of specific types of basement doors. This training is carried out by manufacturers of basement doors to ensure that contractors are able to install doors properly. Your contractor should therefore guide you through the different doors they are certified to install and advise you on the best door for you.

Step two:

The old doors are then removed. What happens to the entry doors upon removal depends on you. If you want to use the wood for other projects around the home, the doors can be carefully removed and preserved.

Step three:

The contractor will then inspect the foundations to ensure that they are in good condition. Thin, weak or poorly slopping foundations can be repaired by the contractor to ensure that the new door can fit properly in the space. The door must fit properly to prevent future problems, such as leaking through the door or accumulation of debris or water on the door. Ensuring proper fit may call for the construction of a new slab.

Step four:

The final step is the actual installation of the doors. Certified professional contractors will ensure that the doors are installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements. The installation may take place on the next day if the foundation required extensive repairs such as the installation of a new slab.

Important Notes

Basement entry doors are very heavy. Doors such as Bilco doors come with torsion rod springs. Care should be taken in the installation of these doors to prevent serious injuries. It is therefore important to leave the installation to trained and certified professionals.

Using a professional for the installation will help ensure that you don’t violate your warranty. Therefore, it counts to spend the extra sum to have your door professionally installed. Search for a professional and experienced contractor in your area.