foundation repair

Signs You Need Commercial Foundation Repair in Baltimore MD

Foundation Repair in Baltimore MD If you manage or own a commercial building, maintenance of the building should be at the top of your priority list. If you’re like most people, the foundation of your building is probably something that you hardly think about. While it may not be possible to carry out regular inspections…

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egress window installation

Egress Window Installation Doesn’t Have to Start from Scratch

Egress Window Installation Many basements in older homes don’t have an egress window. However, they do have some kind of opening that allows both air and light into the basement. You may therefore be thinking of having an egress window installed. Your choice to invest in egress window installation may be guided by building code…

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basement entry doors

What to Expect in the Replacement of Basement Entry Doors in Waldorf MD

Basement Entry Doors in Waldorf MD Are your basement entry doors old? Do you want to replace them, but are not sure what to expect? The following is an overview of the process that your professional contractor will use to replace your doors. Step one: Site assessment is the first step in the replacement of…

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elevator waterproofing

Facts You Need to Know About Elevator Waterproofing

Elevator Waterproofing Water leakages are common in exposed parts of commercial buildings. It is therefore not uncommon for building managers to request assistance to waterproof these places. However, some vulnerable areas in commercial buildings are often overlooked. One such area is the elevator pit. If you haven’t invested in elevator waterproofing for your commercial building…

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battery backup sump pump

Don’t Buy a Cheap Battery Backup Sump Pump in Columbia MD

Battery Backup Sump Pump in Columbia MD You get what you pay for. That’s certainly true when it comes to sump pumps. However, many homeowners still choose to purchase a cheap battery backup sump pump. Investing in a quality pump doesn’t necessarily mean spending lavishly. It simply means investing in a product that will serve…

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foundation waterproofing

Tips for Foundation Waterproofing Commercial Buildings

Foundation Waterproofing Owners and managers of commercial buildings understand just how different these buildings are from the average residential building. Not only are they larger but also experience significantly more wear and tear over the years. Maintaining a commercial building is a lot of work. However, there is more to it than simply ensuring that…

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sump pump installation

Rules for Sump Pump Installation in Rockville MD

Sump Pump Installation in Rockville MD If you’re lucky, you’ve never experienced a flooded basement. Those of us who aren’t as fortunate know how traumatizing it is to find your belongings soaked and your basement flooded. It can be expensive and labor intensive to restore sanity to your home. This is why sump pumps are…

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basement waterproofing

5 Reasons to Use a Basement Waterproofing Contractor

Basement Waterproofing Did you know that over 67% of homes over 6 years of age experience some form of basement leakage? The number might look high but remember most people don’t take time to refinish their basements. This means most water problems are only discovered when there is a storm and the living space floods….

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foundation crack repair

3 Reasons Not To Ignore Foundation Crack Repair in Germantown MD

Foundation Crack Repair in Germantown MD Owning a home is one of the proudest achievements. It rates highly in the American dream. However, this dream can be torpedoed if you don’t maintain your investment in the best condition. While most homeowners immaculately maintain the indoors, the foundation is always ignored until when it is too…

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